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Receiving the prestigious MBA degree from Paris Graduate School of Management in Vietnam: Value of Selection

Facing the wave of integration and impact from industry revolution 4.0. Vietnam is gradually improving the capacity of the leadership management team. Training highly qualified human resources, high intellectual quality; timely allocation of human resources to the right position to thoroughly promote work efficiency will be the top goal in all national economic development policies in the integration process.

Known as a major Brand of Post-graduate Training in France, Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) chose Vietnam as a destination in ASEAN to implement the high-quality MBA training programs through cooperation with leading Vietnamese universities such as Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City and National Economics University.

After nearly a decade of training cooperation in Vietnam, PGSM has been playing an active role in improving the management experience of Vietnamese administrators, affirming Vietnam’s capacity and position in the international arena. What PGSM prides itself on is the fact that over 30,000 students receiving Master’s degrees through a variety of programs. Most of them are holding important positions in big corporations, or are successful entrepreneurs.

As one of the outstanding graduates of the Program, Mr. Mai Anh Hong – Deputy Chief of Office of the Ministry of Information and Communications shared, “the international business management knowledge of the EMBA of PGSM is shared directly by professors, is really useful for leaders and managers. That is why a lot of my friends holding high positions in corporations and organizations learned and selected the Program.”

… High-quality Program, Global Reputation

Opportunities for Vietnamese managers on the path to becoming a global entrepreneur!

Along with the Program’s reputation recognized worldwide over the past 40 years, the prestigious EMBA from PGSM opens a new door, bringing a new option for those wanting to study the School’s program entirely in English. Designed specifically for leaders and managers from enterprises, as well as public officials and employees at State management agencies, the IEMBA of PGSM gives participants an opportunity to gain access to knowledge resources provided by the professors and doctors that PGSM has chosen, in accordance with international learning standards and methods for application in Vietnam; and also helps save time and costs with the same training quality as for international students in France, and ensure the acquisition of management knowledge and experience of international standards, thereby creating a significant competitive edge in the works of managers in the era of integration. /.

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