Introduction of PGSM Vietnam Alumni

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PGSM VIETNAM ALUMNI was founded with the desire to provide alumni with an interactive and connected environment; bringing the PGSM MBA into a common home for alumni to follow and find.

This will be a bridge to maintain and develop useful relationships, creating an exchange environment between Management Board and program staff, lecturers, alumni, and PGSM MBA students in Vietnam together. Global PGSM alumni system.

The performance of PGSM VIETNAM ALUMNI will further confirm the quality of training and the positive social effect of the MBA – PGSM program in Vietnam.

PGSM VIETNAM now has an extensive alumni network with over 500 alumni from many state corporations and businesses in various fields such as electricity, oil and gas, banking, construction, foreign commercial, aviation and so on all over the country. Equipped with practical knowledge from studying at PGSM, they are all successful and holds many key management positions.


The PGSM Alumni Association always implements many activities to connect the alumni community to support each other and work together to develop on the basis of one thing in common, that is to say, practice and grow up together from MBA PGSM.

Main activities of PGSM VIETNAM ALUMNI:

  • Maintain regular relationships between former students.
  • Help each other, build humanity in the MBA – PGSM student community.
  • Share experience of management, management skills, etc.
  • Search and build business cooperation between students.
  • Continue to learn and update socio-economic knowledge.
  • Establish an MBA PGSM VN alumni network to connect with the global MBA PGSM alumni community.
  • Enhance the brand of PGSM VN in particular and global PGSM.
  • Carry out charitable activities for the community.

With a large PGSM community and successful alumni in many fields, PGSM VIETNAM ALUMNI has the adequate resources to carry out activities to connect the PGSM community, enabling the increasing growth of PGSM VIETNAM. ALUMNI community and contributing to confirming the prestige and brand of the MBA – PGSM program in Vietnam.

Join Group of PGSM Vietnam Entrepreneur Community in Vietnam to share, connect, and update news about the activities of IEMBA PGSM Alumni in Vietnam:

Link Group: PGSM Entrepreneur Community in Vietnam

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